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Employment Sprint

In a changing global labor market, the health crisis will hopefully be over, but the financial-employment crisis might persist for many years.

This forces us to rethink the future of work first

Over 900,000 unemployed due to the COVID-19 crisis forge an opportunity for a significant change of the labor market already in 2021 and for years to come, through a technological Leapfrog.


Investing in the Future of Work

Medina L’Mofet Community drew a disruptive future vision for the future of work, then identified the challenges, needs, and obstacles in order to achieve the desired future. We set out a nationwide campaign calling all startups and NGOs that can solve the national employment challenges, to which 302 groups of groundbreaking entrepreneurs applied their initiatives. The most promising entrepreneurs will receive an investment up to 250,000$*; guidance by top tier investors and entrepreneurs; and assistance in implementation.

 Call for Entrepreneurs 


Employment Sprint ‘Leading Team’

Dr. Eitan Eliram – CEO of Innovation Agency

Erez Eshel – Founder, Ein-Prat Academy for Leadership

Elli Booch – Director of Philanthropy, The Edmond de Rothschild Foundation

Elior Bar- Chief Strategic Officer; State of the Art Initiative Manager, Or Movement

Yisrael Dancziger – Entrepreneur and High-tech CEO, former Director-General, Ministry of Environmental Protection

Michael Eisenberg – Founder and Managing partner, Aleph

Roni Flamer – CEO and co-founder, Or Movement

Galia Inbar – Head of Global People Operations, Teva

Prof. Gila Kurtz – Faculty of Instructional Technologies Dean and Head of M.A program

Dr. Iris Nehemia – Vice President Strategic Planning, Israeli Civil Service Commission, Prime Minister’s Office

Daniel Schreiber – CEO & co-founder, Lemonade Inc

Adi Soffer Teeni – GM, Facebook Israel

Oded Rose – CEO, Israel-America Chamber of Commerce

Nir Zichlinskey – CEO, SRI Global Group


The Disruptive Future-Vision of the Israeli Labor Market

Disruptive Future-Vision of the Israeli abor Market


Employment Sprint Workgroups Members

Hadar Brod-Gdalia – Director. Ambassadors Program, Edmond de Rothschild Partnerships

Mati Gil – Head of Government affairs, corporate and international markets, Teva Pharmaceutical

Guy Grimland – Spokesman, Intel Israel

Tal Greenfeld – Brainstorming moderator

Dr. Dana Heller – Risk management expert and strategic consultant

Gilad Wiener – Executive Director, Israeli Congress

Ron Lozinsky – Independent business automation consultant

Keren Levy – Executive Director, Korea Israel Innovation Center

Dr. Tali Larom – Researcher, Aaron Institute for Economic Policy, IDC

Yael Naveh-Meir – Opinion and strategy leader, employment venture, Maoz Network

Uri Ar – EIR, Aleph

Noam Zuberi – Co-Founder, Sahbak

Ar’l’e Kidron – Creative Director

Lior Krengel – Head, Startup for Startup,

Ilan Regenbaum – Founder, Israel VC Forum

Dana Shoshan-Wohl – Founder and leader, Outsight, Israel-America Chamber of Commerce


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